Our commitment to employee training and development plays a major role in our success. Check out our programs that support our team’s continued growth.

MTI Coaching is a FREE, added benefit for any individual or group interested in career coaching with our in-house, professionally-trained coach.
This unique program can address areas such as:

  • leadership skills
  • time management
  • work/life balance
  • career path exploration
  • conflict mediation

MTI takes an active approach to learning and development for our team. Our programs demonstrate a commitment to our greatest asset, our employees. One of the ways we offer growth opportunities is through our Professional Development Program. This program has four unique options based on individual goals.

  1. Level-Up – Development opportunities in a particular skillset including Lunch and Learns, specific courses, and life skill/wellness opportunities.
  2. Pathway – 12-month learning program designed to help you grow in your current or future career goals.
  3. Emerging Leader – Tailored development plan for future key MTI leaders in technical, leadership, and business acumen training. Must be nominated.
  4. Executive Excellence – Executive-level learning at a respected learning institution.

Our apprentice programs are state certified. Upon completion, employees are provided their journeyman credentials. This program is a blend of formal classroom education, along with on-the-job training.

For employees selected for advancement to a supervisory role, we provide a program to guide and develop them in their new role. This program offers a blend of formal classroom education, on-the-job training in multiple areas and mentorship with

We value employee education and development. Our program reimburses 100% of their tuition expenses up to the Federal tax incentive maximum.

We provide an enriching experience where co-ops and interns can work directly with key projects and processes, under the direction of experienced managers. Our co-ops and interns gain real business experience that enhances their classroom experience and assists in their growth and preparation for the workforce. Discover more here.

MTI Co-Op Program – Youtube


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