Metal Technologies currently has the capacity to produce 145,000 tons of gray iron castings each year. Our casting sizes range from 1 lb. to 80 lbs. We produce several gray iron classes ranging from G2500 to G4000, as well as other grades, including damped gray iron and customer-specific grades.

Rick James

Chairman & Founder

Matthew Fetter

President & CEO

Craig Barkey

Vice President
of Purchasing

Dave Bent

Vice President of U.S. Casting Operations

Rodney Burkhardt

SVP and Chief Technical Officer

Brent Charlton

Vice President of Environmental, Health & Safety

Pat Frederick

Vice President of Sales

Nick Heiny

Vice President of Administration, General Counsel and Secretary

Cathy Hunter

Vice President
of Quality

Brad Long

Vice President of Machining & Mexico Operations

John Neiger

SVP IT/Purchasing USA/Mexico

Cameron Nevins

Vice President of Human Resources Operations

Mike Payne

Vice President of Engineering

Jason Warner, CPA

Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Sara Yarian

Vice President of Culture, Learning & Development

“At MTI, we take pride in building a team of key leaders who are experts in their field to further the mission and goals of the company. Our leadership team encourages our culture of grit, ownership, and growth mindset. As a family-owned business, we are diligent in offering leadership and development opportunities to every team member, so they can grow to their full potential.”



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