Safe Processes and Safe Work

At MTI, we know that safe processes and safe work are critical to our success. We don’t talk about “Safety as our No. 1 priority” because priorities change but safe work applies to everything we do. Talking about safe processes and safe work involves everyone in the process and gives everyone responsibility and authority for safety. Safety isn’t something we stop and do––it’s an outcome of work done well.

Managing Risk

We focus on learning from incidents and managing risk in our operations, which is a little different way of looking at safety than the traditional command and control. When an incident occurs, we go beyond the “who” to get to the “why.” We know humans are imperfect, fallible beings, so the error itself isn’t as interesting as the “why.” We assume everyone wants to do a good job and nobody wants to get hurt, so if we don’t understand why their decisions made sense at the time, it will make sense to someone else, and another injury will occur.

We don’t wait for an accident to happen before we actively learn, however. We also focus on learning about risk in day-to-day work from those who do that work. We sit down and look at potential system failures from the point of view of when it fails instead of if it fails, thus removing the notion of, “that could never happen.” With this mindset, we build in controls for the “when.” When you visit an MTI facility, you will find the facility clean, well-organized, and our employees engaged in safe work and continually improving our safety process.


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